For just €60 per month, you gain an administrative assistant and salesperson who is never absent.

✔ UltimaChatbot is specifically tailored for local businesses and small entrepreneurs such as electricians, roofers, plumbers, dentists, insurers, personal trainers, consultants, graphic designers, ...

✔ This service is for all local companies aiming to reduce the influx of questions, saving you valuable time, and boosting lead generation. All on auto-pilot.

✔ In addition, installation is very simple. It's completely plug-and-play. UltimaChatbot understands all the content on your website and can answer your customers appropriately. You can even upload custom information if you want.

Enter your website link to create your AI chatbot in just 1 minute!

Plug & Play. It's as simple as that.

An AI Chatbot that understands everything on your website & can answer your customers and collect leads.

For a modest monthly fee of 60 euros, business owners can significantly reduce the number of emails and calls they receive.
Explore the available features to understand how this service can benefit your business.

Reduce Daily Stress & Sell More

Tired of all those "little" questions throughout the day? Your own chatbot can answer in your place!

Instead of fielding calls all day, place UltimaChatbot on your website to handle customer inquiries. It's like employing someone who speaks to every customer 24/7.

The truly great thing about this? UltimaChatbot will perform as a sales agent, expertly answering questions while also marketing your product or service and capturing lead information.

What about answers that are not on my site?

You can add questions and answers in your dashboard.

Some information or questions and answers may not be on your site, or you may prefer not to put everything online. We understand that.

You can personally add these FAQs to your chatbot or upload a PDF with information, enabling it to provide answers even if the information is not on your site.

If your chatbot cannot answer, the visitor will have the option to send their questions via a form, email, or WhatsApp.

Integration with WhatsApp

We can connect your WhatsApp to your chatbot.

If desired, you will receive messages from clients via your WhatsApp instead of email.

This is highly convenient and significantly faster than traditional communication methods.

While emails and SMS typically see conversion rates between 2-5%, WhatsApp stands out with a more robust conversion rate of 45-60%.

Integrate your Calendar

Link your calendar via the free application

If a customer requests to schedule an appointment via your chatbot, UltimaChatbot can automatically book the appointment in your calendar during your pre-selected available time slots.

No more endless calling & emailing to make appointments.

Introduce yourself with a Video

Why? Because it brings you more customers!

This can be a simple message of less than a minute.

Such a short introduction video of the manager or salesperson provides a huge boost in confidence.

It can lead to 20% increase in website conversions. Consider taking advantage of this feature. You can create videos for free using tools like

Use it as a contact form

On your contact page we place the AI bot as a form instead of a chat window.

This will result in fewer emails and phones because your chatbot can answer 90% of all questions and generates more leads for your business.

For €60 per month, you essentially gain a full-time employee who is great in answering questions, generating more sales and is available 24/7.
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